I'm new here...

I'm new here...

St. Paul United Methodist Church is a vibrant community of faith where members strive to reach out to their community and beyond bringing people to Christ.  As a family of families, we strive to engage in our walk of faith actively through Worship + 2.
What is Worship + 2?
Here at St. Paul Church we are challenging every member of our church to attend worship every Sunday they are in town, become involved in service at least once a month in both the church and in the world, and become involved in a small group where you can study, fellowship, and care for each other.  Find out more about worship + 2 and how to get involved with the life of St. Paul Church by clicking on the Worship +2 icon.
How do I get involved?
Find one of the registration pads in one of our worship services and let us know who you are and how we can help you and your family or stop by the welcome desk and someone will be happy to help you find your way around and get plugged in.
Which worship service do I attend?
Our contemporary service is at 10:45 and has a high energy, upbeat feel.  The more traditional service is at 8:15 and is distinguished by more symbolic liturgy, hymns, and choral music. 
Where do my kids go?
We have a staffed nursery for kids under the age of 5 during all worship services.  For all the kids through the 5th grade, we have a place for them in children's church.  Additionally a cry room is available if you wish.  But, children are welcome in worship.
How can I become a member?
We are always excited about welcoming newcomers into the life of the church.  You can join St. Paul by contacting pastor Mark Bunch at pastor@stpaulfamily.com or (409) 735-5546.  

First Steps membership class:

If you are considering joining St. Paul United Methodist Church, this class is for you.  This class is not required to join, but is designed to help provide you information about the church.  Pastor Mark will be offering these classes four times a year.  If you are thinking about joining, or have recently joined, this class provides an excellent opportunity to explore what membership means with the pastor.  The class is broken into four sections:

  1. Being a Christian
  2. Being a United Methodist
  3. Being a Member of St. Paul
  4. How to do Worship + 2

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